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Providing customized client care is our top priority, as we strive to remove any confusion around the home financing process. Our team works closely with you to help determine your best borrowing option based on your financial situation and goals. We process home loans quickly and efficiently with seamless communication, expert guidance, and superior customer service.

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“Tyler Smith and his team are some of the most focused people i’ve ever had the pleasure of working with when it comes to buying my home. They were always in close contact to answer any questions, troubleshoot any issues and provide expert advice on issues that came up during the proces. Tyler fights for his clients like a pitbull guarding a house and does not slow down till you are in a chair at your closing. I’d recommend Liberty Mortgage Group to anyone out there looking for a solid guy who takes the time not only to get to know you and your needs but help you fulfill your goals as well. 5 stars all the way! “

Ryan Wilson

“After years of dissatisfaction with lenders incapable or simply unwilling to arrange a VA loan, I received a great experience on a refinance last year from David at Liberty. I’ve returned to Liberty Mortgage for financing on a new home as a result of my satisfaction with their ability to get the job done.”

David Berger

“Without a doubt Tyler and his team, especially Lauren, are true professionals! My wife and I had a difficult loan to process, as we had a bunch of student loans in the mix. Tyler’s expertise allowed us to refi and accomplish our goals of paying down some debt while taking advantage of these low interest rates. If you are looking for a group of professionals to help you through the process, please call Liberty Mortgage Group!”

Keith Puckett

“I am immensely impressed with my mortgage guy David at Liberty Mortgage Group. Totally responsive and understanding of all my questions and concerns. I very much appreciate the honesty and respect David has given me during this important loan process. Personable, consistent and hardworking, so I am very thankful to him. Don’t settle for anything less than David’s expertise.”

Ken Gregory

“When we purchased our home recently, it was our first experience with Liberty Lending. Tyler Smith obviously knows his stuff. He and his staff were professional, informative and walked us through the entire transaction seamlessly. If you are looking for a company that is informed and transparent, call Tyler Smith at Liberty Lending Group…you won’t regret it.”

Robb Ashby


Just Looking

You’re just beginning to browse your home loan options.

Ready To Go

You’ve decided to buy a home or refinance your current mortgage, and you want to get the process going.

Need Your Loan Now

You are ready right now and want to close on your loan, like yesterday.

Terminate Mortgage Insurance

Home values are up, which means you may have more equity in your property than you think. And if your equity is over 20%, you may be able to cancel your mortgage insurance and keep more money in your pocket each month.

Consolidate Debt

Stop shelling out multiple payments to different creditors and paying a fortune in interest rates. With a cash-out refinance, you can consolidate or pay off multiple debts and save a ton in interest.

Rent vs. Own

Why keep paying your landlord’s mortgage when you could be paying the mortgage on your own home? You may be able to become a homeowner for the same amount you’re currently paying in rent, except those payments go towards building your own wealth, instead of someone else’s.

Minimize Your Mortgage Payments

Whatever interest rate you’re currently paying on your mortgage, chances are, the current rates are lower. This means that if you refinanced to a loan with a lower rate, you could be shaving hundreds of dollars off of your largest monthly payment.


Liberty Mortgage Group has one goal in mind – to find your best home financing solution.


We shop your loan with multiple lenders who all compete for your business. This guarantees that you’re getting the lowest rates and fees.

Personalized Client Service

We provide expert guidance at every step of the process. Most importantly, we make sure that you’re matched with the mortgage that makes the most sense for you.

Fast, Efficient Processing

We utilize cutting-edge technology and the latest loan tools to process your mortgage, which leads to quicker close times.